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3 Biggest Lawn Threats in Summer

News Flash: Your lawn doesn’t really like summer.  It’s hot and dry.  It’s also the perfect weather combination for firing up weeds, pests, and browning. Not to worry! There are steps and precautions you can take to combat the Top 3 Threats to your lawn in summer. Continue reading to see what the Lawn Care Experts at Giroud have to say!

Summer is Stressful for Your Lawn

Heat, humidity, and drought are all big stressors for your grass and soil. Here are the 3 biggest threats your lawn is facing now:

1. Lawn Browning

Dormancy is natural in the summer, but most of us still want green grass. Dormancy is your lawn’s natural defense to protect itself! To push of dormancy, give your grass the water it craves! It’s best to water in the early morning. A deep watering for about 20-30 minutes will ensure moisture reaches all the grass roots.

Check out this video from Howcast.com showing How to Water Your Lawn Properly:

2. Nutsedge

An incredibly fast-spreading and invasive weedy sedge, Nutsedge is very difficult to control. It reproduces and spreads in 4 different ways, and an outbreak can spell quickly trouble on your lawn. This weedy grass thrives in humidity! Options include a series of herbicide treatments, or in severe cases, lawn renovation.

To learn more about Nutsedge, Check out 6 Steps to Getting Nutsedge Under Control on Your Property.

3. Brown Patch

You can expect to see Brown Patch in the summertime when nights get very humid. This fungus typically appears as brownish-yellow rings in both small or large patches. Brown Patch affects all cool weather grasses, which are prominent grasses in Pennsylvania. Giroud does offer a fungicide program. However, these treatments are usually not warranted as outbreaks of Brown Patch subside when the weather changes.

For more information, Check out Fungal Diseases You Need to Watch Out For.

How You Mow Affects Your Lawn’s Health

Proper mowing is vital to your lawn’s health, especially in the heat of the summer! Here are some tips for how to mow the correct way:

Mow High: Leave grass at 3-inches high to shade and protect the soil and roots from full sun.

Mow Often: Tall, wet grass may leave clumps of dead clippings that can smother turf and lead to fungus and weeds.

Sharpen Mower Blades: A clean-cut causes less stress than tearing the grass with a dull blade.

For more information, check out How to Mow Your Lawn the Right Way!

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Still Seeing Lawn Problems? Schedule an Inspection!

If you find that your lawn still doesn’t look good, you might have an underlying issue with your grass or soil, such as diseases or insect infestations. Call Giroud at 215-682-7704 for a FREE Evaluation.

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