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Snow Weighs Down Evergreens

Blizzard Leaves Trees with Hidden Hazards

Please have your trees checked for safety! Giroud A
rborists have found serious damage on
thousands of trees since

the recent storms.The problem is what you can’t see. The heavy, wet snow put more weight on trees than they are used to handling. While many trees and limbs have already fall

en; there are still many more with cracks or splits that have a high potential for failure. Beyond these hazards, the heavy snow load may also have compromised tree strength and stability. Finally, smaller or

namentals that are highly valued in your landscape may not pose a safety threat but could be lost if action isn’t taken to correct the damage.
Have your trees checked for hidden hazards. Schedule a free in
spection with your Giroud Arborist today at: 215-682-7704 or [email protected]

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