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best time to fertilize a lawn

Best Time to Fertilize a Lawn

Knowing when to fertilize your lawn can be a mystery if you don’t know what you’re doing. Whether you’re calling in the experts or doing it yourself, we’re sharing tips for the best time to fertilize a lawn so you can have a healthy and happy grass-growing season!

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

That depends! If you’re DIY’ing your lawn care, you can safely fertilize your lawn in spring and fall. The cooler temps are ideal, whereas in the heat of summer you can accidentally burn your lawn.

If you’re hiring a professional, they’ll assess your lawn and choose fertilizers that are ideal for the type of grass and the time of year. Fertilizing in summer can be successful and beneficial- if done correctly!

When to Call in the Lawn Care Professionals

You can skip the hassle and worry of trying to figure out the formula for a great lawn by calling Giroud for a FREE Lawn Inspection! Giroud Lawn offers both traditional and 100% Organic lawn treatment programs. To get started, a Giroud PA Certified Lawn Expert will inspect your lawn for health, growing conditions, grass type, watering, and drainage. Based on the findings, we will develop a lawn care program that best fits your lawn’s special needs.

To build a great lawn, Giroud’s Lawn Care program includes 6 Visits spread between March and November.  Each visit is carefully timed with treatments specially formulated for current weather conditions and to tackle issues such as crabgrass, grubs and weed control.   By visiting your property 6 times during the growing season, your Giroud PA Licensed Technician gets to know your lawn and stays on top any emerging issues.

Why choose Giroud for Lawn Fertilizer Service?

How can you be sure Giroud is the right choice for your lawn fertilizer services?  Use our Lawn Service Comparison Guide to see how Giroud compares to other Lawn Care companies.

If you value outstanding service, Giroud is the best choice for your lawn fertilizer services. We are prompt, keep you informed and respond quickly when you have a question or concern.  Here are some of the top reasons to choose Giroud:

  • Free Lawn Evaluation and Estimate
  • Family owned and local company
  • PA certified lawn care experts
  • Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly lawn care.
  • Regular monitoring visits and treatments to maintain optimal health
  • Fully Insured for a variety of lawn services
  • Customized fertilizer treatments with minimal use of chemicals.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  Check our customer reviews.

For your free lawn evaluation, call Giroud at 215-682-7704 or use the contact form below!


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