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Pruning Small Trees to Make a Big Difference on Your Property for Less

There are so many great benefits to tree pruning, and here at Giroud we often talk about tree health and safety. Our ISA Cerified Arborists and our crews work hard to make sure our customers trees and plants are cared for in a ways that prevent catastrophe and property damage. However, we also love working with customers to help them cultivate outdoor spaces that add value and beauty to a property. Oftentimes, something as simple as a small tree pruning project can make a big difference on your property for a small price!

Make Your Staycation Feel Like an Escape

Let’s face it- we’re all spending a lot more time in our own backyards this summer. Many of us would love to escape to a luxurious resort, but this might not be the year for it. Not to worry! For a small price, you can improve your summer staycation by investing in small tree pruning!

small tree pruning paper birch
Giroud Tree Climber, Tony Forte, is cleaning up a Paper Birch in front of a customer’s home. Raising the branches and cleaning out overgrown areas will allow airflow through the canopy of the tree while also showcasing the rest of the trees and shrubs in the yard.

The Benefits of Small Tree Pruning

Your smaller trees can become a big pain if they are overgrown. Leaves and branches might be fighting with one another for sunshine, water, and nutrients. This can lead to deadwood and stunted growth. Also, If you don’t want to spend your summer cleaning up broken branches, fallen leaves, and other debris, pruning your small tree is a great investment!

Tree Pruning now will also reduce debris that makes your yard messy! You want to be able to enjoy your yard without having to step over broken sticks and other natural junk. Trees that drop fruit, nuts, or other debris onto key parts of your property such as the pool area, roof, driveway and, patio are ideal for pruning so you can keep your property clean.

Small Tree Pruning Prevents Big Storm Damage

Of course, storm damage is always something we think about at Giroud. Heavy crowns, dense branches, and overweight limbs make your trees a big target for seasonal storm damage. When storms strike and smaller trees like Bradford Pears, Arborvitae, and Red Buds crack and splinter, you risk losing a beloved element in the yard!. These trees often play an important role in a landscape, adding seasonal color or acting as privacy screens.

Pruning Prevents Animals from Gaining Access to Your Home

Additionally, if your smaller tree is close to your home, it’s overgrown branches may be giving critters direct access to your house! Now is a great time to prune trees away from any structures, including sheds to avoid access by squirrels and other wildlife to rooftops and attics.

Revive Your Smaller Trees with a Deep Root Feeding

Your Smaller tree would benefit from a Deep Root Feeding! Like a vitamin for humans, trees need to be fertilized annually to maintain good health, stay strong, and fight off disease and insects. Giroud’s Deep Root Feeding is a time release fertilizer, so it will provide steady doses of nutrients all year long. With this boost of vitamins, your tree will feed on the abundance of vitamins from the fertilizer rather than over tapping into its own nutrient reserves! To learn more, check out Giroud’s post How Every Tree Benefits from a Deep Root Feeding.

More Ways to Improve Your Property on a Budget

Pruning smaller trees is an awesome way to add beauty and value to your property for less. If you’re looking for more ways to spruce up your outdoor space on a budget, check out this post by Everspace Storage for great DIY Backyard Makeover Ideas!

Also, check out our post, 5 Ways to Improve Your Mood in Your Own Backyard for more ideas on how to make your summer staycation a relaxing one!

Get Started with Your Small Tree Pruning Today!

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