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Are Your Trees Targets for Winter Damage?

Are your trees targets for winter damage cracked Kwanzan Cherry.jpgSplits, cracks and other structural defects make trees prime targets for winter damage. Cable and bolt systems create a safety net for your trees.

Oftentimes when we talk about how winter weather can adversely affect trees, we think of windy storms causing large limbs to break. However, there are other hidden dangers that can occur with sharp drops in temperatures.

Cold winter weather puts stress on tree trunks causing them to splinter and crack.

Are your trees targets for winter damage cracked Kwanzan Cherry.jpg

Giroud Arborist Rob Poley came across this Kwanzan Cherry tree in Furlong, PA. with a large split down the whole length of the trunk. Cold winds and dips in temperature can fill existing cracks in a tree trunk with frost and cause the crack to expand. You can even see the fresh, splintered wood in the deep crack of this tree.

Luckily, Rob caught this crack in time and is able to install a bolt through both sides of the trunk to prevent further damage. Kwanzan Cherries are particularly susceptible to this type of winter damage, but frost cracks can occur in maples, fruit trees and newly planted trees. For more information, check out this report by the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences on Bark Splitting on Trees.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! 

If you are concerned about the structural safety of your trees, have an ISA Certified Giroud Arborist take a look! Give us call at 215-682-7704 or request a FREE Inspection online!


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