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Safety Committee Tree Service

A Safe Tree Service is a Company You Can Trust

Here at Giroud, Safety is our number 1 priority. Shopping around for a tree service can be nerve wracking! We know you don’t take the decision to invest in the health and beauty of your property lightly. We consider it a privilege to care for your trees and shrubs. At Giroud, we strive to make our customers love doing business with us… Guaranteed! Read on to learn about why we developed the Giroud Safety Committee and how our customers benefit from our high safety standards.

Giroud Safety Committee

Our high standards for safety and excellence is what sets us apart from other tree services. That’s why 8 years ago we launched the Giroud Safety Committee. This team of Field operation employees works hard to ensure our crew is adhering to the rigourous standards and annual audits to be PA Certified in Safety.

Safety Committee Tree Service Giroud

This year’s committee is head up by Doug Muth, General Tree Work and Safety Manager. The team consists of Bernadette Nolen, Vice President of Operations; Matt Giroud, Director of Field Operations; Bryan Beebee and Tony Forte, both Tree Climbers; and Mike Chenail, ISA Certified Giroud Arborist. This week, they met for their annual PA State Re-Certification Training. During this meeting, they also reviewed their achievements from 2019 and set goals for 2020.

On a company-wide level, the committee ensures Giroud is up-to-date on all credentials and certifications, such as TCIA Accredidation.  They also work with employees to set goals on an individual level. They hold weekly Tuesday Tailgates to discuss any concerns out in the field, monthly training meetings, and biannual safety training days.

How Our Customers Benefit from Choosing a Safe Tree Service

Safety is what drives every move our crew makes out on your property. When you choose Giroud Tree and Lawn, you get peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that our staff has the experience, certifications, and training required to do what’s right for your trees and lawn. We are safe, promp, and have meticulous attention to detail. Equally important, we will always do everything possible to ensure that you are happy with our service.

Check out our video on Giroud’s TCIA Certification here to learn more about our rigorous safety standards! Then, give us a call to schedule your FREE Property inspection at 215-682-7704.

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