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5 Winter Tree Crafts for Kids

5 Winter Tree Crafts for Kids

Chilly winter weather means more time inside, and kids can quickly become bored. If it seems like toys are all played out and TV is turning your kids into couch potatoes, it might be time to break out the art supplies! Here are 5 Winter Tree Crafts for Kids that will help bust that winter boredom!

Winter Tree Finger Painting project by Easy Peasy and Fun

Kids can use q-tips to paint snowy details on their winter trees! This project is perfect for younger children and it’s also good for working on fine motor skills.

Winter Birch Trees Craft for Kids by Wee Folk Art

Discover the beauty of Birch Trees in winter with this watercolor painting project! Kids will use painter’s tape to “draw” the tree trunks and kosher salt to create a snowy sky.

Lego Winter Tree by Little Bins for Little Hands

This is a really cool project using Legos to create a winter tree. It would be fun to expand on this by changing up the tree for each of the four seasons!

Pinecone Bird Feeders by The Sweet Spot

Using peanut butter and seeds, kids can create a bird feeder from pine cones found right in the backyard! Hang your feeder by a window so you can watch birds gather all winter long.

Snowy Owl by Open-Ended Art for Young Children

If you have pine cones left over from making bird feeders, check out this adorable snowy owl craft! Kids will love pulling apart cotton balls to stuff the owl body. A set of googly eyes gives the little guy a charming personality that will warm your heart this winter season!

More Nature Themed Crafts for Kids

Looking for more great kid activities for your budding arborist? Check out the Giroud Kids Pinterest Page! Be sure to share your crafty pics on the Giroud Facebook page or on Twitter @Giroudtree using the hashtag #GiroudKids. 

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