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5 Steps for Planting a Tree this Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a great time to plant a new tree! In this article, we share 5 steps you can follow to ensure your young new tree has a healthy head start!

Choosing the Right Tree

Adding a new tree to your property can be exciting, but make sure you choose wisely. There are so many types of trees available. Although some may seem like real gems, they might not be the right tree for your yard. You’ll want to consider where it’s going to be planted, how much light it will get, and how close it will be in proximity to your home, garage, and other structures.

For tips on how to choose a new tree, check out Giroud’s Top Picks for Unique Trees.

Step 1- Dig a proper hole

The hole should be about 2-3 times larger than the diameter of the tree’s root ball. It should be deep enough that the root ball will sit inside of it but also so the flare of the tree is not buried.

Step 2- Set the tree correctly into the hole

After you’ve carefully lowered your tree down into the hole, make sure the root flare is at least 3-4 inches above ground level. Then, step back and look at your tree from a distance. Is it centered? Is your tree leaning, or does it stand straight? Walk a circle around the entire tree to ensure it looks as straight as possible from all angles.

Step 3- Remove or loosen as much of the burlap covering from the tree as possible

Use scissors to cut away any excess burlap. Once you’ve freed the root ball, step back once again to make sure your tree is still standing straight. Removing the burlap may have shifted your tree around.

Step 4- Fill in the hole

Backfill the hole with the soil you removed. You can also use fresh soil if you prefer, but the soil you dug up is probably good enough. Then, tamp the soil down firmly.

Step 5- Give your tree a healthy head start

Mulch is great for your tree, but only if applied correctly! Do not “volcano mulch”, which is when you pile the mulch up high around the tree. Your tree’s root flare should be exposed, so leave about an inch in distance around the tree’s trunk where the mulch does not touch it. Bad mulching can be very damaging for tree’s and can lead to girdling roots!

Learn more about the dangers of Girdling Roots here!

Water your tree until it is established. In the spring, you can water about once each week. In the hot summer months, water more frequently. 

Fertilizing your young tree will also help it to become established in the ground and to grow strong and vibrant. Giroud’s Deep Root Fertilizer Treatments are packed with vitamins and nutrients your tree needs!

Call Giroud to schedule a new tree evaluation with your ISA Certified Arborist. Or, give us a call to schedule a New Tree Planting Evaluation and we’ll do the work for you! Both Evaluations are FREE!


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