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4 ways to revive your property this year

4 Ways to Revive Your Property This New Year

The start of a new year is exciting because it signals a time to turn a fresh page, and your property deserves some TLC in 2020! Right now is the perfect time to schedule a full property evaluation with your ISA Certified Arborist and Lawn Care Expert. Together, you can form a plan to revive your property this year! Read on for 4 ways you can add a refreshing boost of life into your yard with the help of Giroud!

The Many Wonderful Benefits of Tree Pruning

There are lots of great reasons to have your trees pruned this year. Heavy crowns, dense branches, and overweight limbs make your trees a big target for seasonal storm damage. When storms strike, Bradford Pear, Silver Maple, Birch, Arborvitae, and White Pine typically are hit the hardest with broken limbs, split trunks, and total tree failure. Ultimately though, all trees are at risk. Maintenance is far cheaper than cleaning up after a storm! Tree pruning and tree trimming involves everything from elevating lower branches and clearing branches away from houses, pools, driveways, and walks. Your Giroud Tree Care Crew will prune your trees to open up air flow, reduce the weight in the crown and repair structural weaknesses.

Tree Pruning now will also reduce debris that makes your yard messy! You want to be able to enjoy your yard without having to step over broken sticks and other natural junk. Trees that drop fruit, nuts or other debris onto key parts of your property such as the pool area, roof, driveway and, patio are ideal for pruning so you can keep your property clean.

Additionally, your tree branches may be giving critters direct access to your house! Now is a great time to prune trees away from your house and shed to avoid access by squirrels and other wildlife to rooftops and attics.

Revive Your Trees with a Deep Root Feeding

Every tree benefits from a Deep Root Feeding! Like a vitamin for humans, trees need to be fertilized annually to maintain good health and fight off disease and insects. Giroud’s Deep Root Feeding is a time release fertilizer, so it will provide steady doses of nutrients all year long. With this boost of vitamins, your tree will feed on the abundance of vitamins from the fertilizer rather than over tapping into its own nutrient reserves! To learn more, check out Giroud’s post How Every Tree Benefits from a Deep Root Feeding.

Plant a New Tree

Adding a new element, such as a healthy, new tree, will revive your property for sure! Here are some great reasons to plant a new tree:

  • Replace a tree that has died or outgrown its current location and requires tree removal.
  • Build a privacy screen or sound barrier
  • Provide shade for a patio, porch or other area
  • Add color with a tree that flowers or changes color with the seasons
  • Create a focal point with a plant that has unusual branch formation, interesting bark or other characteristics

Location, species of tree, and how your new tree will balance your landscape are all important items to consider when planting a new tree. Your Giroud Arborist will do a full evaluation of your entire property before recommending the best tree for you.  As an ISA Certified Arborist, he will explain the pros and cons of the various types of trees you are considering.  He will also consider the entire life of the tree and how it will affect and enhance your property for years to come.

Resolve to Revive Your Lawn

Now is actually a great time to meet with your Giroud Lawn Care Expert to tailor a program for making your lawn healthy and beautiful this upcoming spring and summer. If your lawn revitalization plan is in place early, your Giroud Lawn Care Technician will target the best time to kick off those vital first treatments! Imagine being able to walk through your lush, green lawn with bare feet as you sip your lemonade in the warm summer sun!

It All Starts with a FREE Property Evaluation

There’s a science to caring for your trees shrubs and lawn! Giroud’s ISA Certified Arborists  and Lawn Care Experts have a wealth of experience and training to care for your entire property. Check out our full list of credentials here!

Call 215-682-7704 today to schedule a FREE Full Evaluation to revive your property this new year!

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