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4 Reasons Why Fall Is a Great Time to Prune Your Trees!

4 Reasons why fall is a great time to prune your treesPruning is tremendous for your trees, and Fall is a great time to trim! As we prepare to head into the colder months, your trees need special attention.  Pruning should definitely be at the top of your list. The experts at Giroud share 4 reasons why you should have your trees pruned now before winter hits.

Why do trees need to be trimmed?
All trees need regular pruning. It’s especially important as we move into winter storm season.  Pruning removes safety hazards, promotes health and keeps your trees looking beautiful.   Although trees can be pruned all throughout the year, Fall is an ideal time to do the job. When to prune a tree is something to seriously consider, and there are many benefits to trim those limbs now!

HS-Fall Pruning Before and After-11. Pruning in Fall Helps to Prevent Winter Storm Damage
Heavy crowns, dense branches, and overweight limbs make your trees a big target for winter storm damage. When storms strike, Bradford Pear, Silver Maple, Birch, Arborvitae, and White Pine typically are hit the hardest with broken limbs, split trunks and total tree failure. Ultimately though, all trees are at risk, and maintenance is far cheaper than cleaning up after a storm! Fall actions include elevating lower branches and pruning trees away from houses, pools, driveways and walks. Your Giroud Tree Care Crew will prune your trees to open up air flow, reduce the weight in the crown and repair structural weaknesses.

4 Reasons why fall is a great time to prune your trees Squirrels

2. The Tree’s Structure is More Visible
As leaves start to fall in autumn, your Giroud Certified Arborist will have a clearer view of the entire tree’s structure. This is a great opportunity to check for cracks and other weaknesses in the trunk and large limbs. Plus, he can easily spot signs of disease or insect infestation and damage.

3. Pruning Cuts Off Wildlife Access to Your House
Cold weather is coming, which means animals will be looking for warm places to ride out the winter months. Your tree branches may be giving critters direct access to your house! Now is the time to prune trees away from your house and shed to avoid access by squirrels and other wildlife to rooftops and attics.

5 Questions to Ask before choosing a tree pruning professional

4. Pruning Reduces Debris that Makes Your Yard Messy
Prune trees that drop fruit, nuts or other debris onto key parts of your property such as the pool area, roof, driveway and, patio. Pruning trees that create heavy debris will keep your property cleaner!

Why should you hire a Certified Arborist to care for your trees?

While pruning is important for tree health and safety, it can lead to devastating consequences when the job is put in the wrong hands. Without proper knowledge and training, improper cuts can permanently damage and even kill an otherwise healthy tree! You want to make sure you hire an ISA Certified Arborist who knows how to prune a tree. Check out Giroud’s informative post on how Bad Pruning Kills Trees, which details the types of bad pruning; what can result from poor pruning techniques; and, how to avoid disaster with your trees.

It’s important to ask the right questions when you are choosing a Tree Pruning Professional. You’ll want to ask about their experience, their credentials, and for recommendations from their customers.

It All Starts with an Inspection by an ISA Certified Arborist

Giroud’s ISA Certified Arborists have a wealth of experience and training to properly prune all species of trees! 

Call 215-682-7704 today to schedule a FREE Inspection for your trees! 





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