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Giroud ISA Certified Arborists

It’s important to know who is evaluating the health and safety your trees and lawn.  Every Giroud Arborist is an ISA Certified Arborist, who has the tree service and lawn care knowledge and experience required to successfully diagnose, treat and maintain the health and beauty of your trees and lawn. Your Giroud Arborist must meet the following standards:

  1. Extensive field experience: Performing all types of tree service and/or lawn care to our exacting standards for at least 3 years.
  2. ISA Arborist Certification: Achieving ISA Arborist Certification which is awarded by the International Society of Arboriculture after passing a 12 part exam developed by the nation’s leading experts.
  3. Continuing Education: Earning a minimum of 30 credits every 3 years to learn the latest techniques and research.
  4. Commitment to Giroud Values: Receiving top ratings from our clients for honesty, integrity and outstanding service.

To help you get to know our ISA Certified Arborists, we have included a short profile of each Arborist along with the communities they serve.

Rob Nagy ISA Certified Arborist
Rob Nagy

Rob joined Giroud in 1998 as a foreman climber and spray technician. His past experience in the field gives Rob a keen understanding of the best approach and equipment for handling each tree care situation. Rob’s basic philosophy is to treat every customer’s property as if it were his own. In this way, both the trees and his customers get the best care possible. Read more…

Rob Poley ISA Certified Arborist
Robert Poley

Rob joined Giroud in 1993 and became an Arborist Representative in 1999. Rob has a particular passion for the pure majesty of old trees. As a climber, Rob was legendary in his ability to tackle our customers’ most challenging trees. As a result, he has a particular specialty in the area of evaluating hazardous trees and determining the best way to take care of them safely. Read more…

Drew Slousky ISA Certified ArboristDrew Slousky

Customers who work with Drew know they can rely on him to do what’s best for their property, not just the company’s wallet. He believes this philosophy works out best in the long run for the trees, our customers and Giroud.   Now Vice President of the company, Drew began his career with Giroud in 1977.  Read more…

Mike Chenail ISA Certified ArboristMike-Chenail

Prior to working at Giroud for 10 years as an Arborist Representative, Mike spent three years in the field building his experience in managing tree and plant health care. Equipped with the scientific background and experience, Mike ensures his recommendations meet our client’s goals and provide what the trees, shrubs or lawn really need to deliver results you can be proud of.Read more…